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Birds in Flight

May 12, 2022

‘Birds in Flight’

Oscar Heyman is dedicated to producing the finest jewelry in the world with timeless quality and appeal. This bracelet with its polychrome design evokes rich naturalistic movement and is a great example of our work. Our ‘Birds in Flight’ bracelet was created and sold in 1927 to Shreve, Crump, & Low for $4,705.90. It sold yesterday at the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva for $1,452,360. The bracelet has been featured in two books, American Jewelry, Glamor and Tradition by Penny Proddow and Oscar Heyman, The Jewelers’ Jeweler, by The Boston Museum of Fine Art. A true masterpiece.

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May 2, 2022

Some of our favorite necklaces
that Mom could wear every day…

Platinum 5 Station Flower Necklace
602102 | $22,000* msrp
See a video of the necklace being worn!
*Also available as a 3 Station version for $18,000

Two Row Pearl & Diamond Necklace
602014 | $54,000 msrp
A matching bracelet and earrings are available to complete the suite, for a total additional cost of $30,000 msrp.

Not Your Average 36” Diamonds-by-the-Yard Necklace
602099 | $68,000
See a video of this ~15tcw sparkler here!

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April 26, 2022

Neiman Marcus x Oscar Heyman Exclusive

Four ‘Cornucopia’ Bracelet styles are available,
inquire at your local Neiman Marcus.

18k Yellow Gold with Diamonds
Video | Style: PCTRR | $40,000

Platinum with Pink Sapphires & Diamonds
Video | Style: PDROV | $42,000

Platinum with Diamonds
Video | Style: PCTRJ | $41,000

Platinum with Pink Sapphires
Video | Style: PDR10 | $43,000

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How Do I Love Thee?

January 27, 2022

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OH Glows in the Neiman Marcus BeJeweled Catalog

December 6, 2021

Oscar Heyman proudly presents items featured in the Neiman Marcus BeJeweled catalog!

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Colorful Gemstones in the NM Christmas Book

November 17, 2021

Oscar Heyman proudly presents items featured in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book!

NM EXCLUSIVE PCMDD Moonstone, Paraiba & Diamond Bracelet, $120,000 View on
*Gem report & Certificate of Authenticity provided with sale.
PCPWZ: Emerald & Diamond Earrings, $45,000.
*Certificate of Authenticity provided with sale.
Above earrings sold, similar item available.
NM Item # 2910032115550
Aquamarine, Pink Sapphire & Diamond Earrings, $48,000
*Gem report & Certificate of Authenticity provided with sale.
Additional Oscar Heyman items are on and available across 10 select locations. Browse items on, including our Holiday Catalog.

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Dazzling Rings

November 1, 2021

Town & Country
November 2021

14.39ct Emerald Cut Canary Tourmaline Ring with Tsavorite Frame
Shown with the original hand drawn gouache design!
$66,000 | Stock Number 303246 | Video
15.05ct Emerald Cut Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring
$270,000 | Stock Number 303325 | Video
To request a showing of one or both of these pieces at your local Oscar Heyman retailer, please reply to this email.

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Beautiful Creatures

September 15, 2021
Oscar Heyman’s Tarpon Brooch, created for famed Philadelphia retailer J.E. Caldwell, is on display at the
American Museum of Natural History’s “Beautiful Creatures” exhibit in New York City through September 19th.
Didn’t get to see it in person?
View Tom Heyman’s video of the
Creatures of the Sea case below!
Oscar Heyman pieces are part of the permanent collections
at the Cooper Hewitt Museum (NYC), the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts,
and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

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Remembering Oscar

July 13, 2021
Mr. Oscar Heyman
51 years ago on July 13, 1970, Oscar Heyman passed away. His legacy remains in a name spoken with pride and respect by jewelry connoisseurs around the world, and synonymous with timeless gemstone heirlooms. 
In 1912, Oscar, Nathan and Harry Heyman started
a jewelry manufacturing business at 47 Maiden Lane in Lower Manhattan, an evolution of an earlier partnership. Oscar was the natural salesman of the brothers and had been
previously employed by Cartier in their
New York workshop, a valuable connection.
The Double Rose Brooch, made for Marcus & Co.
Jewelers’ Circular (today JCK) ad from 1939.
His name remained at the forefront of the company known as “Oscar Heyman & Brothers” for a century, before we made the decision to formally shorten the name to the Oscar Heyman you know today. It should have been called “Oscar Heyman & Family” as the company employed six brothers and two sisters, which was the entire nuclear family except the parents and the eldest sister.
The presentation of the 25th Anniversary Clock in 1937, which is on display in our office today.
We proudly remain a family- run business today, 109 years after our doors first opened. Adam Heyman is the current president; his father, George, was the youngest of the brothers. Lewis and Tom Heyman are members of the third generation; their grandfather is Harry. Tom’s daughter Maya is the first member of the fourth generation to join the business. 
A page from our jewelry catalog from the late 1980s.
Rings in a drawer of silver models, one of many containing records of styles we have made and could
make again. Our vast production archives are a valuable resource for contemporary creation.
What has not changed is our commitment to producing hand crafted jewelry in New York City with the finest gemstones from around the world.
As a family and as a company, today we fondly remember Oscar the man,
who paved the way for us all to celebrate Oscar Heyman the company.

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Oscar Heyman Fantasy Gift Digital Catalog

November 14, 2020


Please find a detailed digital catalog of the 6 rings which includes individual images, SKUs, full stone counts and prices by clicking here.

The last page contains helpful selling tips about the incredible gemstones and Oscar Heyman.

Happy Holidays!