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Discover the Art of Jewelry Making

Oscar Heyman applies an old-world approach to the transformation of a two-dimensional gouache design into a finished piece of jewelry. From stone selection to the final polish, every detail is completed with the greatest attention and care.


Create Custom Jewelry

Whether you desire a suite of rare stones, an accurate gemmed depiction of your beloved furry friend, or to recreate a family heirloom, Oscar Heyman is at your service to bring your custom jewelry project to life.


Platinum Guild Presents

From a Fabergé workshop at the turn of the century to Elizabeth Taylor’s 69-carat diamond necklace, platinum is celebrated as our metal of choice in this video directed by PGI. Tom Heyman discusses the importance of platinum to Oscar Heyman’s past, present and future.

Oscar Heyman from 1912 to Today

  • Estate Jewelry

    Oscar Heyman & Brothers has created fabulous jewels for some of the world’s elite houses; the pieces are often identifiable by the craftsmanship alone.