A Spectacular Suite for Seven Heirs

We were commissioned to craft a collection for a store’s client that could eventually be split up among seven heirs. We worked on the design for over a year, continuously consulting with the client as new parts were added. Every single component of this necklace was made in our Madison Avenue workshop, including the custom screw drivers required for assembly. It is composed of platinum and 18kt yellow gold.

The client owned an 8-carat round diamond, which served as the starting point. The complete collection was built around six additional round gemstones, all within 0.4mm diameter of one another; the complete suite contains four white diamonds, a fancy intense yellow diamond, a sapphire, and a pink sapphire.

The collection of stones can become a necklace with two front pieces (images below), two rings, a pendant, and a brooch. Each front half of the necklace has three open sockets and a detachable pendant. One opening is for the gemstones on their own, the other is for the gemstones to be worn with different jackets, of which there are seven. Each center stone could fit into any of the jackets. There are also 4 ornaments made up of a scatter of marquise and pear shape diamonds which could be worn in lieu of individual stones, or with the jackets.

Each center stone and jacket came with an attachment to be used when worn as a pendant off a chain or turn down ring from this (or any) necklace.

The suite also has 2 ring shanks which could be worn with any of the 7 center stones, and a floral brooch which could be worn with any 2 center stones, with or without any jacket.

This project perfectly encapsulates our unparalleled stone sourcing and manufacturing capabilities.


  • Necklace seen with Diamond Ornaments
  • Necklace seen with Colored Stones
  • Necklace seen with Colored Stones and Jackets