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August 2013

August 1, 2013

Behind the Scenes at Oscar Heyman



Summer afternoon-summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. – Henry James


Summer is in full swing. It’s the time of vacations at the beach; in the mountains; days spent with family and friends. At Oscar Heyman, we do all that and more. It’s a time of travels to exotic lands to source the best quality stones we can find. Days are spent designing and handcrafting new pieces for our fall collection. It’s during the summer months that creative minds and talents come together to produce the Oscar Heyman 2013 catalog.
At Oscar Heyman, there’s always something going on…

Sourcing Stones

This summer, a team from Oscar Heyman traveled to Southeast Asia and explored Colombo, Sri Lanka and Bangkok, Thailand in search of stones and inspiration for new jewelry.

In the Workshop

The beauty and quality of the stones, beauty found in nature, and often ideas from the clients themselves are the inspiration for Oscar Heyman’s wonderfully ingenious jewelry. We envision a design, it is sketched and then a wax layout is made. Once the design is perfected, the piece is hand-crafted by Oscar Heyman’s own team of jewelry makers.

Oscar Heyman’s 2013 Catalog Shoot

It’s due out late fall – just in time for holiday shopping — and we cannot wait to show off our many new designs. A talented photographer with a vision; a visionary designer with a creative eye; the Oscar Heyman team and exquisite jewelry — all ingredients for a beautiful catalogue. Here is a sneak peek!