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Remembering Oscar

July 13, 2021
Mr. Oscar Heyman
51 years ago on July 13, 1970, Oscar Heyman passed away. His legacy remains in a name spoken with pride and respect by jewelry connoisseurs around the world, and synonymous with timeless gemstone heirlooms. 
In 1912, Oscar, Nathan and Harry Heyman started
a jewelry manufacturing business at 47 Maiden Lane in Lower Manhattan, an evolution of an earlier partnership. Oscar was the natural salesman of the brothers and had been
previously employed by Cartier in their
New York workshop, a valuable connection.
The Double Rose Brooch, made for Marcus & Co.
Jewelers’ Circular (today JCK) ad from 1939.
His name remained at the forefront of the company known as “Oscar Heyman & Brothers” for a century, before we made the decision to formally shorten the name to the Oscar Heyman you know today. It should have been called “Oscar Heyman & Family” as the company employed six brothers and two sisters, which was the entire nuclear family except the parents and the eldest sister.
The presentation of the 25th Anniversary Clock in 1937, which is on display in our office today.
We proudly remain a family- run business today, 109 years after our doors first opened. Adam Heyman is the current president; his father, George, was the youngest of the brothers. Lewis and Tom Heyman are members of the third generation; their grandfather is Harry. Tom’s daughter Maya is the first member of the fourth generation to join the business. 
A page from our jewelry catalog from the late 1980s.
Rings in a drawer of silver models, one of many containing records of styles we have made and could
make again. Our vast production archives are a valuable resource for contemporary creation.
What has not changed is our commitment to producing hand crafted jewelry in New York City with the finest gemstones from around the world.
As a family and as a company, today we fondly remember Oscar the man,
who paved the way for us all to celebrate Oscar Heyman the company.